Sanford Spine Center
Sanford Spine Center

The Team

Sanford Neurosciences Team

Sanford Neuroscience’s multidisciplinary approach brings together providers from all specialties in order to provide a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Meet our experts below:

Our Team


Thomas Boetel, DO 
Medical Director
Sharique Ansari, MD Wilson Asfora, MD Susan Assam, MD
Sanford Health - Salem Bassel, MD
Salem Bassel, MD Bernadette Borte, MD Jerome Freeman, MD Troy Gust, MD
 Zeenat Jaisani, MD Sanford Health
 John Hansen, MD Zeenat Jaisani, MD Christopher Janssen, MD Peter Johnson, MD
Jitendra Sharma, MD - Sanford            Health
Joon Hee Lim, MD Eugenio Matos, MD Mohammad Rahman, MD Jitendra Sharma, MD
 Dominik Sokalski, MD - Sanford            Health    Joseph Pope, PT - Sanford Health
Dominik Sokalski, MD Bryan Wellman, MD Jill Beuckens, MSPT, PRC   Joseph Pope, PT