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Referral to the Sanford Spine Center is different than the traditional referral. Instead of simply giving you the next available appointment time we review the patient’s symptoms with them along with any images, reports, or notes from your treatment to determine the best and most appropriate physician or surgeon to see the patient based on their unique need. If you have a preference as to whom conducts this review or sees the patient your request will be honored. Once this review is completed, (usually within 24 hours) that physician’s office will contact the patient and set up their appointment time. We will contact you to let you know the patient’s treatment plan, as well as any findings we have and recommendations we can offer. If pre-authorization is required for treatment or testing, our office will do all of the necessary work related to the referral, freeing you and your support team to concentrate on caring for other patients. Once the course of treatment is completed, the patient will be transitioned back to you for management of their overall health. We make referring to the Sanford Spine Center as easy as possible. Simply call us at 605-312-8500 or by sending us an e-mail at

We’ll ask for the patient’s name, telephone number, and the best time to contact them.

The Sanford Spine Center will complete the review of symptoms and set up any appointments for your patient with the appropriate Spine Center physician. In cases that involve a Third Party, such as Worker’s Compensation, simply submit your referral to the carrier for authorization and we will take it from there.

Spine Center Advantages:

  • Dr. Tom Boetel, Sanford Spine Center Medical Director is Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and has also completed a Fellowship in Interventional Spine.
  • Spine Center physicians and surgeons will follow the patient’s care until they are at a point they can be transitioned back to you. We’ll communicate with you to ensure you stay informed about your patient’s condition and treatment plan.
  • The Sanford Spine Center uses a tool for triaging patients to the right physician based on a comprehensive review of the patients’ symptoms. Priority Consult® we have a proven computer-based questionnaire to identify the specific areas of the spine that may be impacted by the patient’s injury and assists the Spine Center physicians in determining the best sub-specialist for treatment of each patient’s individual problem.
  • Many patients express to us that they have felt “lost” in the health care delivery system. The complexity of spine conditions often requires them to see various specialists and navigate this process on their own. The Sanford Spine Center assigns each patient to a registered nurse case manager. The “nurse navigator” follows-up with the patient at every step of the way ensuring they understand their plan of care, know what to expect, and most importantly, make progress.
  • Most patients with spine conditions get better through treatment by conservative care such as physical therapy. Traditional physical therapy training is a popular and successful means for treating patients, but Spine Center patients will also have access to physical therapists with specialized training for the neck and back. Trained in Postural Restoration, these therapists are skilled at helping patients learn exercises and lifestyle changes that help them attain a healthier spine.
  • The Sanford Spine Center will provide ongoing follow-up for your patient’s spine condition for up to two years post-injury. By utilizing survey instruments that help patients describe their condition, the spine center is able to report outcomes for both surgical patients and those that sought conservative care. No other spine program in the region can demonstrate this information the way Sanford can.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 605-312-8500 or by e-mail, where we promise to address your patient’s unique needs!