Sanford Spine Center
Sanford Spine Center

Sanford Spine Center:
Treating a Common Problem with a New Approach

Welcome to The Spine Center at Sanford Health, a Center of Excellence providing our patients with the most comprehensive level of spine care services in the region. We are proud to provide our patients with a comprehensive level of spine care by combining state of the art spine technology and surgical and non-surgical innovations with leading edge medical providers, all set in a truly world-class environment. Our team of providers has meticulously developed a fully integrated, comprehensive approach to diagnosing and treating spinal problems that takes into account each patient’s individual needs.

Program Highlights

  • All Components of Spine Care Under One Roof
  • Each Patient Receives a Personal Case Manager
  • Patient Education Programs
  • A Customized Treatment Plan Based on the Latest Research
  • Minimally Invasive Options
  • Physician Collaboration
  • Leading Edge Technology

Better Providers through Research

Our providers drive advances in the field of spine by participating in numerous Clinical Research Studies and by collecting and analyzing patient outcomes.

If you're putting off making that doctor's appointment because you're afraid you'll end up on the operating table, go ahead and contact the Sanford Spine Center. You'll be happy to know that the majority of those with back or neck pain will improve with non-surgical treatment methods.

The Sanford Spine Center is dedicated to treating children and adults with a broad range of spine conditions.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, contact us at 605-312-8500 or by email.