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Your Choice Jewelry
The Mutch Women’s Center for Health Enrichment has a line of fine jewelry that will inspire and motivate you to be the healthier you that you desire to be.

Words of inspiration and encouragement are ever present as you wear these beautiful bracelets on your wrist.

Sapphire & Crystal

Jewelry - Sapphire

Ruby & Crystal

Jewelry - Ruby

Rosaline & Crystal

Jewelry - Rosaline

Jet & Crystal

Jewelry - Jet

Alexandrite & Crystal

Jewelry - Alexandrite

Bracelets feature Czech glass beads, pewter message beads, silver plated oxidized heart toggle clasp, or silver plated classic round toggle clasp. Each bracelet is handmade and unique. Length: 8” – 8 ¼” inches

Cost: $18.00

Call Mutch Women’s Center for Health Enrichment today to check on availability or stop in to see additional choices. You can pick up your bracelet at the our new location at Sanford Women’s Health Plaza or, for a small fee we can send one directly to you in the mail.

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