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What is Nutrition? Is it a just another diet or good food? Actually, nutrition comes from the word nutrient which means nourishment. When one looks at eating as a means to nourish our bodies, we start to “think” of food differently – it is more than “tasting great” to our mouth or satisfying our emotions. Nourishing our bodies is a foundation for building good daily health practices. To nourish our bodies means we are providing nutrients to our organs which we need to survive on a daily basis such as our heart, our lungs and our liver. Just like our cars need good fuel to run well, our bodies need good fuel (food) to run well. You don’t put junk fuel in your car – you know this will only mean repairs and damage down the road. Your body needs good fuel to run well and avoid damage and repairs too.

With the many conflicting food messages out there, it can be confusing to sort it all out alone. We can help guide you through the maze of messages to determine a nutrition plan for you.

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