Mutch Women's Center for Health Enrichment

Living With Chronic Illness

Health concerns are usually classified as either acute or chronic. Acute illnesses usually begin abruptly and last only a short time. Most people with an acute illness can expect to return to normal health. In turn, chronic diseases usually develop slowly, last long periods of time, and often are never cured. In most cases, there is no cure. The long-term effects may be difficult to predict. Some conditions cause few problems, while others cause only episodic problems or symptoms that can be controlled with medication.

Even though one may have a chronic disease, often times ways to cope and improve one's health can be found by managing aspects of one's condition, such as pain, fatigue and medication, and using health promotion strategies such as diet, exercise and stress reduction. When an individual works on managing their illness they can develop skills in maintaining and improving their own well-being and gain greater independence and confidence in dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of a long-term illness.

For more information that may be relevant to assisting you in managing your chronic illness call 605-328-7155 or check out the resources listed below. Remember to consult your physician when it comes to managing your health and your chronic illness.